God's Generals: Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed


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Robert Liardon provides us with short biographies of a dozen leaders of the Pentecostal, Divine Healing, and Charismatic movements, chronicling their lives, teachings, and spiritual insights.

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Feb 26, 2009






What to do when God places His Treasure...
In Earthen Vessels??

In recent years, there's been much said,
preached about, and written in books about the personal lives and ministries of "The Mighty Men and Women of God...In Our Generation!"

Especially, the powerful healing ministries..of Katheran Kulhman,Amie Mc Pherson,William Branham, A.A.Allen, Jack Coe, Morris Cerrullo, R.W. Shambach,Benny Hinn,Leroy Jenkins,
Don Stewart and others!

I personally have been approached by 3 publishers, asking me to write about my 60years of "walking by the side ... of many of Gods Giants of Faith, yet God has never released me to do so
as of yet!

I have hesitated to open up the past, as, often what is really wanted, is to expose the humanity side of God's men...and not the Divine Calling and Anointing of God!

While it's wonderful to read about the powerful accounts of these people of God and how the effected their world.. we need to leave there personal lives and their personal relationship
with God... to the Lord! Let me explain.

You see, some people like to play God.. and expose other ministers faults and failures.. just to exalt themselves, by putting down someone else! Pentecostalism especially, has been bound
with this problem for years and driven many
away from god!

There's two problems with that attitude!
One is the quest-ion; " Who made us God?" secondly; " As we deal forth judgment to others.. so shall we drink from that same cup!

" Trust me! It's a bitter cup! I've been guilty, in years past and I've had to ask forgiveness. We allllll... need God! Amen?

God is a God of Love and Restoration..even to fallen ministers! Say Amen Bro. Bakker, Bro. Swaggart ..and all you other ministers ..who have made mistakes! (by the way, God is using him around the world to win multitudes to Christ! Pray for his ministry!)

Let me stop here an say, that "Whatever is com- mitted to God.. and is under the blood of Christ, is a Holy Thing! The Devil...Dick Tracy.. The Media... Any other Minister.. or You Nor I ... have a right to touch it or bring it out from under the precious blood covering of Jesus!

If God has forgiven sin..He also has forgotten the sin and we must forgive and forget also!

Flesh is Flesh! Spirit is Spirit! All flesh stinks(yours or mine).. and we must learn to know, respect and revere one another, ..
by God's Spirit! Especially in the ministry!

Yes all preachers are human and have to deal with the flesh and the spirit, just like you do. We all make mistakes! I've made many.. but by the grace and mercy of God Almighty, I've been forgiven and learned from the experience and on moved forward to be a greater man of God then before!

In the ministry of A.A.Allen, and the recent book by his pre- decessor..Don Stewart, .."Only Believe"(a must read) ... I did agree to a 2 hr. interview with Don Stewart's co-editor, concerning a few of my accounts with the late Rev. A. A. Allen. I app- reciate the credit given to myself and my late friend, Rev. Seven Bloomburg, in the front of Bro. Don's book.

While the book is wonderful and full of history of the healing movement, if I may ... I would like to address an important issue that it (along with some other books written about the
healing ministries)...brings up to the body of Christ.

Bro. Stewart and I have had a great relationship in the ministry, in many crusades, spanning about 40 years! He's a special man of God, who has both carried a heavy cross.. of inheriting
another mans foundation... and the responsibilities of producing fruit in many International Missionary Crusades!

It's been my privilege to know and work with Evangelist Don Stewart since the late 1950's, when he was first healed of a crippled leg...
in the A. A. Allen Miracle Healing Crusade,
in Phoenix, Az.

We were both blessed to work and travel with
Rev. Allen.(Don..in later years, as his assoc. evangelist, then as VP. and later Pres. of Miracle Revivals Inc., after Bro. Allens went to be with the Lord.)

I first worked with Bro. Allen at age 17, as a
radio editor for his national broadcast and attending to the emergency section of people
who were the more serious cases, coming for prayer.

In later years, I worked again .. some 8 or 9
times, as crusade organist, singer, minister and promotional projects. Those were wonderful days.. of having a "Front Row Seat"..to witness multi- tudes coming to Christ, astounding miracle healings as well as God used him to birth a revival of Joy and Liberty...around the world! The fruits of his labor is still producing souls, in many nations today.(over 30 yrs. after his coronation.)

Don Stewart also has received much mentoring and inspiration from Bro. Allen, as has thousands of ministers around the world, including myself.

I also, have been greatly inspired and schooled, by many other men I've worked with over 60 yrs, and some 3,000,000 miles on the gospel trail, in 58 nations.(William Branham, Leroy Jenkins, Jack Coe,Morris Cerullo,Dr. Thomas Wyatt, R.W. Shambach,John H. Osteen, my own father ..
and many others.

I could write volumes about my experiences and what I've witnessed, but While I shared some of my accounts of Bro. Allen's life with Don and his Co-author, I'd like to address a specific point on
the re-view of Bro. Stewarts book and his information about Rev. Allen.

First of all, the bible commands us (it's not an option).. to "Judge and to Know..no man, after the flesh!"

This is the missing plum line, in most churches and ministries today! We tend to judge men of God by the size of their crowds, success,the way they dress, look, ..the "Outer packaging!"

Even the miracles, anointing, and operation of the gifts of the spirit..are not always signs of their character or integrity!

Excuse me! Take a good look at most of the men of God in the bible and you'll see that "THEY ALL HAD FLESH PROBLEMS, YET GOD CHOSE THEM, KNEW THEM, AND USED THEM FOR

He often uses " Bad Boys.. To Do Good Things!" Not the religious, pastors of the first church of the Frigidaire!

JUDGMENT" .. and we have to give account for our personal Relationship (Like David of old, our Heart after God)... and the real fruit we have produced for "His True Kingdom..
Not Ours or some Denomination!"

Remember... It's about Relationship! Not Religion! Good works or even Ministry!

We must know every man (and woman) by the Spirit.. by their Heart, the way God sees them in their destiny, as the "Finished Product.. of His Handy Work!"

I walked by the side of most of the great healing ministries. I witnessed the great... good... the bad... and the ugly.. over the years and it doesn't matter who it is, their color, or their past failures, if their faces are washed in the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.. THEY'RE PART OF THE GLORIOUS REDEEMED OF THE LORD!

If they're not walking in Christ, pray for them! Love them and Restore them! Pour in the oil and and wine! Don't expose their sin..or God will expose yours!

We must quit shooting... our own wounded!!

Yes! God can and will use .. us all,... if we will die to self..and say;"Yes Lord!... I'll go where you want me to go,...say what you want me to say,...do what you want me to do,..and be what you want me to be!(just like Him)

The church has to get their eyes off the fleshly ..the carnal... the self pleasing,..and even the signs .. wonders and miracles,.. and "put their


Apr 2, 2007

Great food for growth

This book really whetted my appetitie to know more about these generals of faith, and led me to search out more about their ministries and walk with God. It is still a favorite that I reference every so often.

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