The Egyptian Book of the Dead


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According to the latest archaelogical findings, the Egyptian Book of the Dead was written and painted about 3500 years ago. It is basically a collection of spells or chapters that were placed with the dead people to help their spirits to pass through the dangers of the underworld in ancient Egypt. The book was originally called The Book of the Coming Forth by Day, meaning the freedom obtained by spirits in coming and going in the afterlife.

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Johnathan K

May 22, 2014

good read interesting book
learned about egypts buriel rites

terence m

Jan 1, 2011


The book wasnt what i expected, i expected more than it gave.
It was ok and gave me information regarding the chapters of Egyptian life after death but not to the intent i expected.
There could have been so much more.


Oct 15, 2009


This is a classic book; and one which you should buy if you're interested in Egyptology, especially if you want to know more about hieroglyphs and about the ideology of life after death in Ancient Egypt.
I would suggest this book to anyone interested in religion, philosophy, mythology, linguistics and archeology.
The Book of the Dead involuntarily sheds a light on the possible origins of the Bible, Qur'an and Tanakh.
My advice to you is to read this book, because you deserve to know.

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