The Fountainhead (Study Guide edition)

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Sep 25, 2015

Publication dates misleading in listings.

I expected a 1943 edition of this book that I ordered from a bookseller. I can no longer access the original listing but the record in my account info shows that 1986 date plainly. I remember choosing a listing that had the 1943 date. Condition and price should have tipped me off. I got a good clean copy of the 1986 printing for $7.00 plus $3.99 shipping. Perhaps I misread it. I will be more careful in the future but I see similar current listings that say 1943 that are likely to be later editions.


Oct 13, 2014

It seemed so good 'way back then...

A discussion with friends led us to buy and re-read four of Ayn Rand's books. Funny, when we were young and idealistic, her philosophy sounded so good. Now that we're older (much older, alas) and have some real experiences, it's revealed to be selfish, self-serving, and ruinous to society. Well-written, great characterizations, but an awful message.


Aug 16, 2012

Collectivism denounced early

More timely than ever during the Obama y,ears when a so-called "fairer" society is being touted, the classic novel bolsters the view of a single person's right to his own accomplishment. The architect hero did, indeed, BUILD that only to be put on trial for destroying it after ignornat masses, mass media, and massive governm,ent turned it into a permanent abortion.

Carol B

Sep 3, 2010

One can see why the author's been rediscovered

I really enjoyed this although it was a bit preachy at times, but even then, the sermons fit into the plot. Liberals may hate it, but too bad for them. Minds should be open!


Jun 18, 2009

It 's a must read

This is a book that has an excellent command of language. It is the type of book which a reader will read over and over--including me. The characters are as up to date today as when the book was written.

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