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"I bring you the dance. I bring you the idea that is going to revolutionise our entire epoch. Where have I discovered it? By the Pacific Ocean, by the waving pine-forests of Sierra Nevada. I have seen the ideal figure of youthful America dancing over the top of the Rockies. The supreme poet of our country is Walt Whitman. I have discovered the dance that is worthy of the poem of Walt Whitman. I am indeed the spiritual daughter of Walt Whitman. For the children of America I will create a new dance that will express America." ...

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Richard L

Feb 25, 2011

Duncan is a breath fo fresh air

I have read this book perhaps ten times over the past decades since I bought my first copy - Heaven only knows how long ago.
Although somewhat dated in style, and certain historical situations no longer even exist, her perspectives on the human and political conditions remain fresh and I think very contemporary. Her take on marriage, alone, ought to be that of every reasonable woman.
I love this book and the freedom of which it speaks. As an artist, I have found myself in similar circumstances, more than once, and politically, I am much in agreement with Isadora.
My point is, really, one could do worse than curl up with Isadora Duncan on a chilly night.

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