The Landmark Thucydides: A Comprehensive Guide to the Peloponnesian War (Annotated)

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"A newly revised edition of the Richard Crawley translation with maps, annotations, appendices, and encyclopedic index."

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May 14, 2009

The Landmark Thucydides

As a professional historian and college professor, who teaches both classroom courses and online, including graduate level courses in Classical history, I think Robert Strassler's Landmark Thucydides is an invaluable source for the courses I teach. The marginal notes, maps, charts, illustrations, timelines, and appendices are all very helpful tools that aid in understanding the text, and the book contains a wonderful introduction by Victor Davis Hanson. What more can any scholar or student ask for in a comprehensive one-volume text of Thucydides's Peloponnesian War? I highly recommend it for both students of Greek history and anyone who teaches it.


Jan 29, 2009

Khyber Pass to Thucydides

Something like a Lonely Planet Guide for serious students and scholars. Accessible and incisive, the best proof of the effectiveness of this book is that I gave it as a gift to a college student who had heard a mention of Thucydides in World History class. The young student plunged in and emerged with a spirited exploration of the Melian Dialogue, thus proving that Western Civilization has not died. So this is Thucydides with maps and extensive footnotes.
The maps in the book are extremely helpful but I also added wall maps with coloured tacks for troops, augmented with GoogleEarth field trips.

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