Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength (2nd edition)


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Unveiling the genius of introversion in an extrovert-dominated society America is reportedly a nation of extroverts, but the latest research shows that more than half of Americans are in fact introverts. In a time when introversion is hot, Introvert Power is a valuable self-help book for introverts, treating introversion not as a hurdle to overcome but a personal attribute to embrace. It doesn't focus on extroverts and how to become like them, but how to take advantage of the fact that introversion is an opportunity. ...

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Scott M

Apr 25, 2013

A must-read

Laurie herself is an introvert, and between her experience as a therapist and her personal battles with the trait, she is a master on subject. A must read, I would say, for anyone with self-doubt, as I think after reading this that much of it stems from introvert traits, wether or not you are a full introvert. The book is also very accessible to the extrovert. Very well written overall. The writing is academic, but also very personal. She doesn't shy from her experience with introversion, and in fact is refreshingly open about it. This is greatly helpful in making the material more accessible for the reader. Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, she spells out clear practical advice for dealing with key introvert issues. Definitely a must-read. I haven't checked out her website yet, but will soon.

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