V for Vendetta


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Written by Alan Moore Art and cover by David Lloyd "Perhaps Moore's most powerful work." -PORTLAND MERCURY A new trade paperback edition of the graphic novel that inspired the hit movie! A powerful story about loss of freedom and individuality, V FOR VENDETTA takes place in a totalitarian England following a devastating war that changed the face of the planet. In a world without political freedom, personal freedom and precious little faith in anything comes a mysterious man in a white porcelain mask who fights political ...

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Oct 17, 2013

Perfect Condition Perfect Price

This item shipped and arrived quickly. The price was awesome and also was in perfect condition. Highly recommend.


Apr 15, 2013

A Classic

The world seems to get ever closer to Moore's vision.


Jul 12, 2010


Well written and illustrated. The story is gripping, thought-provoking, and dark. Definitely for an adult audience.

I couldn't put it down!


Dec 13, 2009

Ideas Are Bulletproof

Although, I'm not usually a fan of graphic novels, Alan Moore seems to have a gift. V For Vendetta is profound and insightful and truly gripping. It's an incredible read with great characters and an amazing storyline. It makes you really think about anarchy and society at the prompting of a Zorro-esque Guy Fawkes hero.


Oct 11, 2007


Evie is a blonde teenager driven to desperate measures when she is saved by the mysterious V. This is a great graphic novel and interesting. There are no thought bubbles. Instead readers must pay attention to facial expression and dialogue. Its also a great interpretation of an economical crash and a goverment turned dictatorship. The Word War 2 references run throughout the story.

What is the best part is V's relationship with Evie. Since there are no thought bubbles their relationship is left as mysterious and complex as the characters. It leaves it up to the readers if there is any romance between the two.

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