Leota's Garden


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Award-winning author Francine Rivers opens a world full of vibrant characters with a powerful story of hope. In this stunning novel, Francine explores the new life that love can bring to a decaying garden of broken relationships. Through the lives of 84-year-old Leota, her granddaughter, and a college student with all the answers, Francine leads readers to ponder the value of life and truth in a way that only she can.

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Gail B

Nov 20, 2010

Leota's Garden review

I so enjoyed this book. Like many of her books it is about the power of forgiveness and being there for others. I like how she weaves Chrisitanity into every book she writes. I have recommened this book to others, especially friends that have a lot of unforgiveness in their families. There is a lot of hope if we trust and obey in His Word.


Feb 7, 2008

Leota's Garden

This is one of my most alltime favorite novels. It is so intimate and revealing. The relationship between granddaughter and grandmother is so unique and many could learn from the granddaughter's example of loving and giving without expectations. I've given the book away as a gift for the sole purpose of this book's theme. Francine Rivers in an excellent writer.


Apr 25, 2007

Wow, this was such an endearing and heartwrenching book. Francine Rivers takes the reader along a journey that opens ones eyes to what can happen to a family or a group of people when there is no proper communication. She writes through her characters giving the reader a deeper understanding of each one of their perspectives on their current situation. She demonstrates in this book how through God anything is possible, through forgiveness comes great freedom and healing. She also gently reminds the reader how we all must face the reality of dying and reminds us how the Lord wants us to focus on living.


Apr 3, 2007


Well written, keeps you reading, a real "feel good" book!

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