The Satanic Verses


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In this great wheel of a book, where the past and the future chase each other furiously, Salman Rushdie takes readers on an epic journey of tears and laughter, of bewitching stories and astonishing flights of the imagination, a journey toward the evil and good that lie entwined within the hearts of women and men.

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Mar 27, 2013

Forget the past and read this book now

This amazingly dense book shot to notoriety due to the "fatwa" pronounced against its author back in the 1980s for supposedly "insulting Islam." While a modest portion of the book is devoted to a nightmare the central character has about how the faith's origins might have played out, it comprises only a tiny bit of the overall sweep of its very compelling drama. This book must be read, and more than once, if the reader is to appreciate the full range of Salman Rushdie's astonishing imagination and ability to construct character, all within a framework of contemporary 1980s life in England. It is not his most accessible work, but well worth reading nonetheless.

Loren S

Oct 27, 2011

Satanic Verses Angelic

Good view from high heavens! Sheds a good deal of light on the extrememly complex interrelationshipa within the Islamic communities. Probably the Fatwah issuers didn't have the slightest comprehension of what the book was about. If they had, they wouldn;t have been so upset by it. On the other hand, people who wish to see things in terms of black and white, usually are upset when asked or forced to see all the shades of gray in betrween. There are not just two sides to every questions as we like to say, there are usually 22 sides to most questions.

Bill W

Jun 9, 2011


The book arrived on time in the condition advertised but went downhill from there. I think it was about two men's dreams and thoughts who are destined to die in a terrorist bombing but don't and are reincarnated in-stead. If you enjoy moving between characters but didn't realize it; reading phrases, run-on sentences, non-sentences and having to read and re-read two or three times to understand what you read, this book is for you. I gave it away to a fellow who gave it away to the third "new" owner who is enjoying it.

Joseph V M

Jul 23, 2010

Worthless literature

If there was ever a piece of totally worthless literature, it is this book. Don't waste your time or money.

Better to read "The Critique of Pure Reason" by Kant. At least the Critique would give a good understanding of logic and would help to understand the stupidity and ignorance of middle east thinking.


Jun 19, 2009

A Must Read.....

If just to find out what all the fuss is about. I first ordered this book from a small bookstore and when it arrived, I clandestinely read it my bedroom. The only problem was I had no idea how to decipher the first chapter :)

Here we see Rushdie at his most playful and creative. Inspiring a hybridity of characters that fluidly blend and shape shift between one another and history, The Satanic Verses is what I would consider one of the best books I've read in my entire life. There's a mix of Bollywood, Jorge Luis Borges, Shakespeare's Othello, South Asian Diaspora life, Thatcherite England, The 1001 Arabian Nights, The Wizard of Oz, and of course Islam. There are some websites out there that put a reference to every allusion that Rushdie makes, but even without this dense background, the book is still highly enjoyable because of the questions it asks...and it's a really humourous book, too.

A highly recommended book which I would consider better than Midnight's Children, and also a book that ask troubling and difficult questions from its reader.

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