Proceedings of the Second Isaac Congress: Volume 2: This Project Has Been Executed with Grant No. 11-56 from the Commemorative Association for the Japan World Exposition (1970) (2001 edition)

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Let 8 be a Riemann surface of analytically finite type (9, n) with 29 - 2+n> O. Take two pointsP1, P2 E 8, and set 8 ,1>2= 8 \ {P1' P2}. Let PI Homeo+(8;P1,P2) be the group of all orientation preserving homeomor- phismsw: 8 -+ 8 fixingP1, P2 and isotopic to the identity on 8. Denote byHomeot(8;Pb P2) the set of all elements ofHomeo+(8;P1, P2) iso- topic to the identity on 8 ,P2' ThenHomeot(8;P1,P2) is a normal sub- pl group ofHomeo+(8;P1,P2). We setIsot(8;P1,P2) =Homeo+(8;P1,P2)/ Homeot(8;p1, P2). The purpose of this note ...

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