Six Bits a Day


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Hewey Calloway, the best-loved cowboy in all of Western fiction, returns in this novel of his younger years. In 1889, Hewey and his beloved brother, Walter leave the family farm to find work in the West Texas cow country. When Walter falls in love with a boarding-house girl and begins dreaming of a farmer's life, the fiddle-footed Hewey, content to work for six bits (seventy-five cents) a day, jumps at the chance to rescue him from this fate worse than death. He takes his brother on a mission for boss C. C. Tarpley, driving ...

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Mike R

Sep 15, 2017

Six bits a Day Serendepitous Kelton Fiction

This little dandy outlines how Hewey Calloway changed from Farmer to Cowhand, and how his reluctant brother just sought new farmland. To give brother Walter credit, he gave cowboying an honest try. Hewey Calloway is one of the coolest characters of whom I have ever read. I have found three Calloway novels by Kelton; the other two being THE GOOD OLD BOYS and THE SMILING COUNTRY. There seems to be a gap in time between SIX BITS A DAY and THE GOOD OLD BOYS. If there is another I haven't discovered it. Kelton's stories about life in Texas are not only historical, they are heartwarming.

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