It Could Happen to Anyone: Why Battered Women Stay (2nd edition)

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This revised and updated edition of It Could Happen to Anyone provides a comprehensive examination of why women stay in abusive relationships and why they leave, explaining why women should not be blamed for their victimization.

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Apr 12, 2013

LaViolette Puts a New Perspective on DV

THANK YOU SO MUCH ALYCE LAVIOLETTE! It?s so reassuring to know that I can stab someone 20 times, shoot them in the head, drag their body around their house a bit and you will testify on my behalf at my criminal trial with your expertise! I don?t have to worry that I?ve slashed their tires not once, but twice and stalked them repeatedly by peering in their windows at night, hacking into their Facebook account, bank accounts, MySpace account, and cell phone. I was so worried that I?d be in trouble when I snuck through a doggy door numerous times because I really thought someone might think I was ?crossing some lines.?

Thanks to you, I no longer have to worry?you?ve got my back! It?s very reassuring! I only wish that I would have purchased your book sooner because all those other mean boyfriends I had in the past should have been dealt with as well! How dare any man call me a psycho and tell me that I?m crazy! I knew those were abusive words, but you actually confirmed it for me! Thank you for seeing that I?m the true victim here!!! You?ve taught me and any other woman who reads your book that only men are perpetrators and if they argue, raise their voice, get mad or try to withdraw from a relationship, they are abusers! If they lie and ever manipulate any situation, they are perpetrating domestic violence. Though I never lived with the man I killed, only dated him 4+ months, maintained my own job and residence apart from his and actually drove more than 1,000 miles on our ?last date? to visit him, of course, it?s still domestic violence! People like me need your voice of reasoning!

For any WOMAN who wants to attempt to get away with murder for all the reasons I?ve stated above, Alyce LaViolette?s book will be extremely helpful to you. If you can?t afford an attorney for your trial, one will be appointed to you. If you can?t afford Alyce LaViolette?s expert testimony to assist your case, no problem; the taxpayers of your state will gladly fork out her $300 per hour fee.

READERS: I?m sure this second edition is just as handy as the much anticipated third edition will. It just won?t include LaViolette?s latest case findings on Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ALYCE LAVIOLETTE! Your book, values and beliefs have put a whole new face on Domestic Violence. I?m sure true victims, uh, survivors, are also thankful. I know I am!!!

PS:Special thanks to Ola Barnett's co-authorship. We all know that LaViolette needs big guns behind her since she doesn't have a Ph.D.

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