Club Dead


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Sookie's boyfriend has been very distant. Now she's off to Mississippi to mingle with the underworld at Club Dead--a little haunt where the vampire elite go to chill out. But when she finally finds Bill--caught in an act of betrayal--she's not sure whether to save him or sharpen some stakes. Original.

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Mar 29, 2012

vampires and warewolves..oh my!

This is a great book that will make you laugh, cry, and yes even think! This is a book I will keep on my "read once a year list" for the rest of my life!


Aug 23, 2010

Vampires! Woo-Hoo!!

I recommend all of Charlaine Harris's books.
they are fun and campy. If you watch the HBO series, "True Blood", you'll know it doesn't follow the books all that well, but , you need to read, as well, as watch. If you read the books first you'll have a better feel for the show. Whichever, reading and owning this books are a must. Sookie is a blast!


Mar 2, 2010

An Emotional Love Triangle

For me, Club Dead was a little bit harder to get into than the previous two books. Probably because this one did not start with action like the others. Once Sookie gets to Jackson, Mississippi, C.H. (Charlaine Harris) has you in her storytelling spell. C.H. takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, as Sookie?s emotions run all over the place in this triangle of love and lust. Sookie loves and is in a relationship with the vampire Bill, but the advances of the gorgeous Viking vampire Eric, and the strong and warm Were Alcide are always there when Bill is not, (or able to be there.)
Sookie is not happy with how her relationship with Bill is at this time, (perfectly set in winter during the Christmas season). He is simply not paying her the attention that she so desperately needs. Is she also addicted to the magnificent sex that a human has with a vampire? Yes. The more important question she asks herself is she as bad off as Hugo was with Isabel, in Dallas. Only time will tell.
Bill is working on a special project and keeping it secret from Sookie. For the first time, someone is able to keep a secret from her, because she is not able to read Bill?s mind. This she does not handle very well. A lot more information on the world of vampires is thrown at her. Eric, Pam, and Chow visit to tell her that Bill has been kidnapped and possibly murdered. Off to Mississippi Sookie goes to rescue her vampire lover.
She meets up with Alcide, and more of the supernatural world is brought to her (and our, the reader?s) attention. There are werewolves, (the natural enemy of any vampire story), and shapeshifters. He has a wonderful sister who owns a salon, where Sookie is really pampered.
A visit to Club Dead to ?listen?, to find out what has happened to Bill goes disastrous. When Sookie is involved, things never quite go as planned. With her falling for Alcide and Eric?s strong manipulative advances have her falling for him too; will she sleep with one or both? She knows Bill got into this mess when Eric told her of his long time vampire mate, Lorena. Once a stake comes between Sookie and the ones she loves, who if any will return to Bon Temps? More importantly, will Sookie and Bill?s relationship survive this?


Apr 2, 2009

Loved these books.

I have read all the books in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Could not wait until I could get to the next one. I would have the books numbered and ready to read. Can't wait until the next one is in my hands. If you want to get away for a few hours just read these books.


May 3, 2007

Be Prepared!

Sookie is off with Eric to find Bill, never suspecting the surprises that await her! As usualy, Ms. Harris fills this story with interesting places and people, and keeps you guessing as to the final outcome and how relationships will be affected. Awesome book!

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