Across Five Aprils


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The Newbery Award winning author of Up a Road Slowly presents the unforgettable story of Jethro Creighton--a brave boy who comes of age during the turbulent years of the Civil War.

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Regina M

Nov 3, 2011


One of those books everyone should read. Based on her family's history it brings the daily life part of the Civil War to life.


Dec 9, 2010


This book, written for older children, gives such a well written personal account of the Civil War. It is neutral and portrays the era and events so skillfully. The book is an ideal way for a child to gain an understanding of that war.


Aug 6, 2007

Across Five Aprils

Across Five Aprils plunges you into life during the Civil War. Jethro watches as his family is torn apart by the intense emotions of that era in our nation's history. He carries burdens far beyond his years and experiences heartaches that combine to mold him into an exceptional young man. This book is written by Jethro's grandaughter. Compiling letters, journals, and memories from the stories her grandfather Jethro told her ,Irene Hunt has written a book that takes the reader back almost 150 years. Told through the eyes and heart of a 9 yr old boy, the emotions, the struggles and the heartaches of that terrible period in our nation's history became real for me in a way I'd never imagined. This book is a must read.

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