On a Wild Night


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The first of two sensational love stories featuring the twin Cynster sisters--one wild and one wicked--in Regency England. Amanda Cynster is bored with the current crop of suitors and is determined to take matters into her own hands. Heading to a place where no respectable lady should be, she panics and is unexpectedly rescued by the Earl of Dexter--who makes it clear to Amanda he's willing to educate her in the art of love.

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Nov 11, 2011

Good Read -- Stephanie Laurens is Dependable

This was a good book. Anyone who likes Stephanie Laurens' Cynster novels will like this book. But I didn't think the hero/heroine were as likable as in some of the other Cynster novels, which is why I only gave it 4 stars.

The only real complaint I have about the Cynster series is that I wish they were clearly labelled as to where in the series they belong. You can read them out of order, which I have done, but I think I would have enjoyed them a lot more if I had read them in order.


Mar 24, 2008

WIld Indeed!!

"On A Wild Night" by Stephanie Laurens is the wildest yet among all the other Cynster novels she has written so far.
Being utterly bored and not finding anyone up to her liking in the ballrooms and parties among the ton, Amanda Cynster decides to go to the underworld in search of the one destined for her. However, soon she falls in trouble in the underworld, that is when Martin comes to her rescue-but that is just the beginning. As soon as Amanda sees Martin,she is convinced he is the one for her, and she does all kinds of wild and reckless things to make him hers.Sparks flow and passionate love scenes follow-as happens in all of Laurens' books.
Martin resists strongly as he has a secret and knows that ladies like Amanda are not for him, but even he has to admit defeat when faced with such a determined girl as she. But then later Amanda is not sure whether he loves her, and he is totally unprepared to admit to giving his heart, so the battle of wills continue. And the sub-plot about Martin's secret was also well written. The side characters are remarkable. Finally, we are given a hint in the end that next in line are Amelia,Amanda's twin sister, and Luc. Wonder how wicked Amelia is going to be to convince Luc in "On A Wicked Dawn"?No less than her twin,I dare say!

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