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Isabella Swan's move to Forks, a perpetually rainy town in Washington, could have been the most boring move she ever made. When she meets the mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen - a vampire - her life takes a thrilling and terrifying romantic turn.

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Jocelyn V

Oct 3, 2011

Something for everyone

Excellent book... Excellent series... Pretty much everyone I know that has read this book loved it, and the few who claim not to still read the whole series, so I think their objections are more because they don't think its cool to like something so popular.
Meyer's is masterful at weaving different styles of books together. Some would consider this a romance book-which I normally detest, but I have friends that like it for that reason. Others consider it fantasy, which is more my speed, but I have friends who normally hate fantasy and still loved twilight. What most appealed to me though (and what I think draws so many different readers) is her character development... By the end of this book you care what happens to each character, you'll have your favorites, and strongly dislike some of them... It is in this that I think she has returned writing to an art form.
A MUST READ for anyone not afraid to get wrapped up in a book.

Jenna Mae

Jun 20, 2011

It sucks you in!

Ah, the twilight saga. Touches every girl from the age of 12 to 112! A thoroughly enjoyable book, that on occasion can make your spine tingle. Brilliantly written.


Jan 6, 2011

everyone has their own opinion... this is mine.

I originally read the book when i was probably about 16 years of age, i'd like to say. I thought it was a pretty good book. I read through it easily, it only took me a few hours. The book is an easy read, and I personally enjoyed it. I found the story line to be interesting, even though its another romance (which generally i am not a fan of). I have always been into supernatural things, especially vampires, so I was intrigued as to what Meyers had done with the vampire concept. I'm not to fond of the fact that they sparkle in her story, although, if you've read other books that explain the creation of her books, or watched her on video, meyers explains that this all basically came from a dream. That the meadow scene was a dream she had, where he sparkled. so therefore, thats the road she chose to took. it is not prefered, but it is still interesting. edward and jacob are both a little creepy, but i love how loving edward is; and caring. overall it is a decent book, worth reading.


Aug 26, 2010

Silly, but still a page-turner

Yes, it's ridiculous. But I was in serious need of a mental distraction from all the craziness of real life, and this was perfect for that. It's fun if you don't expect to take it seriously.


Jul 18, 2010

Media hyped.

I tried to like this.
I wanted to like this.
I got about about two-thirds thru it and realized that I really didnt like it, and didnt care about any of the characters or what happened next.
Gave it to one of the girls at work that wanted to read it.
She loved it.
Go figure.

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