Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice


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This volume in the Praeger Security International (PSI) series Classics of the Counterinsurgency Era defines the laws of insurgency and outlines the strategy and tactics to combat such threats. Drawn from the observations of a French officer, David Galula, who witnessed guerrilla warfare on three continents, the book remains relevant today as American policymakers, military analysts, and members of the public look to the counterinsurgency era of the 1960s for lessons to apply to the current situation in Iraq and ...

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Jul 25, 2010

A Classic, Reissued

David Galula, a French army officer with extensive experience in counterinsurgency, wrote this classic in 1964. The book was rediscovered in 2006, as was counterinsurgency itself. Most of the contemporary doctrine -- that the population is the prize, that a gun is not always the most effective tool -- is found in its 99 pages, and was there all along. It is cited in the bibliography of every work I've read on the subject since then.
The 4-page foreword by John Nagl is an even more succinct summary, and worth the price of the book by itself.

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