The Road to Serfdom


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This is a condensed edition of 'The Road to Serfdom' republished in this edition with 'The Intellectuals and Socialism' (originally published in 1949). In 'The Road to Serfdom' F. A. Hayek set out the danger posed to freedom by attempts to apply the principles of wartime economic and social planning to the problems of peacetime. Hayek argued that the rise of Nazism was not due to any character failure on the part of the German people, but was a consequence of the socialist ideas that had gained common currency in Germany ...

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Marc M

Nov 3, 2018

Good Read

Relevant to our times. Provides a good perspective.

Sidney J

Jan 5, 2012

A must read for economic conservatives

This book is a classic and I must say after reading it I was spurred on to even more serious pursuit of information on the subject of government interference in U.S. economics.

Mark S

Jun 9, 2011

Individual liberty v. Government control

F. A. Hayek lived through and escaped from a government that became socialist and, inevitably, totalitarian. The paralells in "The Road to Serfdom", which was published in 1944, with waht is happening today in Europe and America are uncanny. The propaganda, the confusion of the meanings of words, the corruption and lies so rampant today. We need to wake up. This book is a great place to start.


Aug 19, 2010

Full of factual information

I found this book fascinating but difficult to read. You really have to pay attention and not let your mind wander or you will miss the point. This is a book all freedom loving people should read if they want to retain their freedom.


Apr 30, 2007

Economics 101

Although this book would be a slog for most people, it is a fantastic piece of the puzzled world we inhabit today. I wish I had read it while studying economics in college.

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