Exceptional Lives: Special Education in Today's Schools (3rd edition)

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For introductory courses in Special Education. The authors of this introductory text have a vision for special education-to equip general and special education teachers with the principles, values and teaching practices that support the education of the majority of students with disabilities in general education programs. Beginning with a thorough review of the principles that undergird IDEA and the process of nondiscriminatory evaluation, the authors explore the teaching and collaborative processes necessary for ...

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Jul 3, 2009

Excellent for All Future Educators

Make sure to get the current edition - it's pertinent with this book. A lot of great statistics, information, tips, case studies, and more. Wonderful book for ANYONE looking into going into education -- regular ed, special ed, elementary, secondary, whatever.


Mar 23, 2008

Meets Needs

I needed this book for an Intro to Spec Ed class - didn't get to pick the text - I found it to be unclear in some areas - and organized in a way that led to the lack of clarity in many of the chapters. Tne book may not have been the only problem -I belive the teacher had one or two issues herself. While the information in the book was important and valuable - it could've been better organized for teaching.

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