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Laura B

Dog story - Jr high

Looking for a book I read in Jr High from the school library - I think the dog's name was King, but I could be wrong. His owner or his best friend may have been Lamar (?) or something like that. Boy growing up, faithful companion... boy went away to war and dog waited until he returned before passing ... More

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Last: 5 hours ago

Charlie and his two nieces take the grand tour of Europe, probably published before 1940.

I'm trying to find the title and author of a book I remember reading as a child. It was told from the perspective of the teenage girls as they traveled with their uncle. I believe they were American travelers. I remember he wanted to save money as they entered France. I don't remember any other ... More

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Last: 5 hours ago
Lester  M

Looking for a book

Trying to find a book about a reporter that lived with the Monks. Setting was around 1920's. Can't remember the title or author. Book is about 5X7, burgandy in color and about 1/2" or so thick. Some of the happenings were, they were on a cold mountain side and the monks made a circle and warmed ... More

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Last: 6 hours ago
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