Alibris Affiliate Program

Join the Alibris Affiliate Program in 3 easy steps!
1. Sign up with the Alibris Affiliate Program via LinkShare to earn 5% commission on sales made within 15 days of clickthrough. 2. Feature books, eBooks, music, and movies on your web site. You'll find banners, buttons, text links and searchboxes on the create links area of LinkShare. Copy and paste the code to your web site, blog. 3. Alibris Affiliates can opt for monthly or weekly payments via LinkShare; opt for direct deposit or check; set payment thresholds; and have full access to tracking and payment history via LinkShare.

About the Alibris Affiliate Program

The Alibris Affiliate Program allows you to generate revenue by placing Alibris banners, searchboxes, and links on your site. When a visitor clicks an Alibris link on your Web site and makes a purchase at Alibris, you'll earn a baseline 5% commission. And for any purchase made within 15 days of initial clickthough, you'll collect a commission. Our partners range from shopping comparison sites, book, music & movie review sites, search engine marketers, and rebate sites, to blogs and niche content sites. With over 150 million books, eBooks, CDs, and DVDs, you'll have an easy time getting profitable selling new, used, rare and out-of-print items.

The Alibris Affiliates Program enhances your site by pointing your visitors to resources that interest them, and you gain the financial benefits of selling online without the cost of maintaining an e-commerce site. The program is free and is open to Web sites of all sizes. And because Alibris is dedicated to offering world-class customer service, you can be confident that you're providing value to your visitors.

How to Become an Alibris Affiliate

It's easy to set up an Alibris Affiliates account through LinkShare. Review the Alibris Affiliates Program's Terms and Conditions and accept the terms by selecting the Join Now link at the bottom of that page. Then complete the Alibris Affiliates Application on the LinkShare Web site. Once we notify you that you've been accepted as an Alibris Affiliate, you'll be able to go to the Create Links section of the LinkShare Web site, choose the banners or text links that you want to appear on your Web site, and copy the HTML code to paste on the pages of your site where you want the Alibris links to appear. The code will already have been customized for your account number. For more information, check out our FAQ page. You can also link directly to book, music or movie titles and author/artists names.