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Steve B

Oct 30, 2011

Strong and simple statements

I believe it is very hard to captivate over such a subject. S.Suzuki did it. I do not always get it but his statements makes often the point. Great achievement by the team to collect his talks and put it as proses.

As a zen beginner I found it like a motivating speech. I found the chapters not well defined. It is a bit confusing. But again, it is not a book written by S.Suzuki but a collection of his speeches. So, some clarity is missing but great feelings.

4 stars.

Rick W

Oct 6, 2011

Excellent book

This is a marvelous book which I've given to many friends over the years. Suzuki brought Zen practice to San Francisco in the 1960s, starting San Francisco Zen Center in the process. The book describes the attitude of "just sitting" -- and of seeing things anew.


Apr 3, 2007

If you could have only one book on Buddhadharma...

If you could have only one book on Buddhadharma, this is the one.
Whether you're a seasoned 'old salt' or a 'total beginner', I don't think you could find a sharper sword to cut down subject and object, or one that is more gently (or more firmly) applied.
Anything by (or about) Shunryu Suzuki is worth a read, but this is the first... and it's an absolute gem.
A book for those interested in the practice as opposed to the theory of the Dharma.

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