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A resident of 23rd-century Earth becomes involved in a revolution after discovering the hidden truth about society's rulers in director John Boorman's sci-fi drama. Sean Connery plays Zed, the central rebel, who begins the film as a member of the Exterminators, a band of skilled assassins who exact a reign of terror over the lesser Brutals. The Exterminators answer only to their god, a gigantic stone image known as Zardoz. Haunted by doubt about Zardoz's true divinity, Zed chooses to investigate. His disbelief is confirmed ...

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May 30, 2010

A Floating Head Ship. Cute!

TITLE: Zardoz
GENRE: SciFi, Physical adaptation, near term
CAST: Sean Connery, Charlotte Rampling, Sara Kestelman, John Alderton, Niall Buggy, Sally Anne Newton and Jessica Swift
PLOT: The tale starts about now with developing technologies for interstellar travel such as anti-gravity, force fields, fusion energy,, artificially intelligent supercomputers and life extension to survive the thousands of yeasrs travel time, Jump 300 years and we find that there's been an apocalyptic event and some have tried to save the good of humanity. But being stuck in heaven has its share of problems too. Some work to undo what they wrought. In steps "the Brute' who grants their wish.
RETURN ON INVESTMENT: 9.4 of 10; Some might view this as Connery escaping his Bond persona, so at the time of the movie, most didn't want to lose that part of Hollywood and so the film was not well recieved. It should have been. It is like "Battlefield Earth', only well done, The notions of holographic virtual reality was way ahead of its time. Though no PCs were heated up in the making of the special effects, this movie has some of the best.
DVD BONUS: Overdubbed commentary by John Boorman, the Writer/Producer/Director(!) (His first effort after 'Deliverance"); Some production stills and some story board art: theatrical trailer; AND, I kid nought, six radio advertisements done by Rod Serling!
ADDED NOTES: This is one of those films that should be put in a time capsule to help us figure out what to do when the future overtakes us like it does in this fantastic tale.

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