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"Lorde, best known for her [poetry] and essays, leaves us with this ... autobiography of her early years as a writer, and as a struggling black lesbian in NYC. Slowly, through gentle inflections of her Grenadian roots and development of the ideas of Caricou society, she stitches together a number of very personal 'mythographies,' ultimately weaving a ... telling of her life"--Review on

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Apr 26, 2007

A Journey of a Woman

I came across this book during my research on writings by women of color who are dually ostracized from society due to their race, gender, or sexual orientation. While this book addresses these larger questions it also poetically illuminates the specific and beautiful life tale of Audre Lorde. Lorde grew up unaware of herself and her surroundings, being close to blind the first five years in her life and sheltered from the harsh racism and sexism in the world. Soon Lorde was a young woman living in the village in NYC in the 50's, realizing it as an epicenter of power relations, love, hurt, and growth. New York City and Mexico City help mold this growing woman who through many relationships with other women realizes what she wants, needs, and deserves in love. A culminating relationship finally connects Audre to the strong lineage of women in her family, the earth around her, and the power within herself. Lorde?s life, poetry, theoretical essays, and books all share a much needed voice in a society that needs to hear the legitimacy and beauty of all life paths.

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