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According to Without a Clue, master detective Sherlock Holmes was a wholly fictional character. Well, we knew that; what we didn't know was that Holmes was a figment of the imagination of his chronicler, Dr. John Watson (Ben Kingsley). When Holmes' fame begins to grow, would-be clients besiege Watson's office for chance to consult the Great Detective. In desperation, Watson hires a seedy provincial actor (Michael Caine) to pose as Holmes. Trouble is, the preening actor hasn't got a clue -- about anything. Hal Erickson, ...

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Aug 31, 2008

Delightful Holmes parody

Ben Kingsley plays the creator of the Sherlock Holmes character, who wants to dispose of his creation so he can start solving crimes and actually take the credit for it. Unfortunately, nobody takes him seriously, so he is forced to re-employ the actor who plays the Holmes character, a man he truly despises as a complete moron.
Watching him try to make a buffoon look brilliant was always difficult, but never as much as now that a case of national importance has arisen and the only man the queen herself trusts to handle the case is the famous Sherlock Holmes.

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