Without Fail


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Jack Reacher walks alone. No job, no ID, no last known address. But he never turns down a plea for help. Now a woman tracks him down, someone who was once close to his brother, becaue she needs help in her new job. Her task? Protecting the Vice President of the United States from someone threatening to kill him. And so Reacher, with nothing but his toothbrush and the clothes he stands up in, enters a very exclusive club at the very heart of Washington power- the offices of the United States Secret Service. Here he must ...

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Betty H

Jul 18, 2013

Good book, good author. As usual he keeps you
guessing how it is going to end. Keep on writing
the good books that keep you interested to the


Sep 6, 2012

Without Fail

I will read it more than once. I have fallen for Jack Reach.

Marc M

May 4, 2012

Reacher is the BOMB

What can I say, another gripping Reacher novel. Boy can he kick butt!!!!


Dec 31, 2011

If you like action, this has it!

The book is intense, Reacher is exceedingly logical, often describing his conclusions and the path to them. Oh and did I say he can win any battle with 4 or fewer opponents since he is 6 foot 6 and had 13 years in the military police -- you know capturing special forces or other combat veterans when they go wrong (seldom in my view), but that's the thesis. I think I have bought all of the series so far.


Apr 21, 2011

Excellent Reacher!

Love this book - all the best of Reacher plus a worthy sidekick this time.

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