Winged Migration ()

directed by Jacques Perrin
featuring Jacques Perrin

Show Synopsis

While practically everyone is aware of the fact that birds fly south for the winter, and return home in the spring, few are aware of just how arduous the journey can be. Jacques Perrin, a noted actor and film producer in his native France, decided to document this process, using flocks of birds who had been trained to ignore the distractions of his camera crew, and employing a variety of state-of-the-art technology to capture as unobtrusively as possible the flight paths of different birds from around the globe. The result ...

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Feb 14, 2013

Winged Migration Should Be in Every Nursing Home

...and preschool ...
I noticed that my mom, who had some memory loss, could watch this movie over and over and each time be moved by the beauty. I skipped the parts in which birds got killed because those bothered her.
But it is CALM . Most movies made by younger generation today have such LOUD background music that older people cannot even hear the dialogue, almost as if they are deliberately excluding entire generations.
This movie is wonderful.
Also, I noticed that the staff where my mom lived had the TV on - loud and violent - to channels the STAFF wanted to see, instead of to programs aimed at the happiness of the residents. This movie never failed to please anyone who saw it and could just be in background all the time.

Educational, uplifting.

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