Wife for Hire


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A classic romance by the #1 "New York Times" bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series is now revised and repackaged. When firecracker Maggie Toone agrees to pose as Hank Mallones wife so he can secure a bank loan, she never imagines Hank would turn out to embody every fantasy shes ever had.

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Jan 8, 2013

Lots of Humor But Very Little Plot!

`I can't believe I read the whole thing!' This book is definitely LIGHT reading; you won't even need to engage your mind!

It's typical Evanovich (which is a good thing), without the plot (which starts to show after awhile). Both of the 2 main characters are adorable and over-the-top-gorgeous/handsome (of course).

Hank Mallone hires Maggie Toone to play his wife - so he can appear stable enough to get a loan. He needs a loan from the town's banker - his father. Hank has sowed heaps of wild oats in his not-too-distant past and needs to prove his maturity to the town and himself.

To that end, he planted 120 acres of apple trees and he's harvesting scads of apples. Now, Hank needs the money to move to the next level of business. Since it takes a few years from planting to gathering, and he's already a success, I don't see the problem with his father. A sound business plan is what will impress a banker, not a new wife. Maybe I'm over-critical -- expecting a logical plot.

There is no build-up; suddenly in a single day, Hank decides he's in love with Maggie. OK so far? Maggie really likes Hank, and we haven't finished the fourth chapter!

The part I really did like was the almost constantly funny dialogue. Housekeeper Elsie Hawkins and the two pets added to the mayhem.

Oddly enough, there was a moral to the story. The person on the receiving end of the learning was Maggie - not Hank.

Summary: This is a great book if you like high-octane humor unencumbered with too much plot (that might confuse things). A very quick read.

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