Why I Am a Catholic


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Following the great success and controversy of the bestselling "Papal Sin, " Wills answers the question, "Why remain a Catholic?" In a sweeping narrative covering 2,000 years of church history, he argues for the continuing relevance of a papacy newly understood. (Roman Catholicism)

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Jun 26, 2008

Why indeed?

A much better and more accurate title of this book would be "Why I am a milquetoast Catholic". Indeed, Wills seems to disagree and not accept so much of the Catholic faith that one wonders why he bothered to write this volume. His arrogance is quite striking, as he believes himself to be better informed and generally more intellegent than Augustine or st. Thomas Aquinas. Wills simply lacks the fortitude to accept the more difficult techings of the church. As thinking Catholic and someone who at least attempts to be faithful to the Church, it's hard not be angry with a book like this. it is just unfaithful.

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