Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men


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In this groundbreaking book, a domestic violence expert uses his unique perspective as a therapist to take women inside the minds of abusive and controlling men to teach them how to free themselves from the chains of abuse.

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Apr 2, 2011

Great book

This book offers a lot of great information. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the behavior patterns of an abuser.


Sep 27, 2010


It is an eye opener book for the person who lives in fog (Fear, Obligation, Guilt) about their spouse?s behaviors.

Paula L C

Aug 29, 2010


Love the book. Informative and helpful. Would recommend to other readers. Book was in great shape, thanks!


Jul 15, 2010


Everything one would ever want to know about the psychodynamics and ramifications of domestic violence and what's needed to contain or escape it. Plainly written but worthy as a graduate level textbook; well and thoroughly notated and referenced.

Have any lady who's waffling about what to do about her abuse and abuser start with the slam bang reality check of chapter 14, "The Process of Change". That should catapult her back into what she considers most relevant to her personal situation in the first 13 chapters. Otherwise, the academic thoroughness of the thing (400+ pages worth) makes for a pretty long runway to its excellent esentials.

Author is top notch... best such work I've seen!

(Ph.D. domestic violence program manager)


Feb 2, 2009

Are You Female & Confused By Your Mate's Behavior?

If you are female and your relationship with your partner started extremely pleasantly but began to change dramatically following some significant life event, like the birth of a child, etc., you need to read this book. If the change in your partner's behavior began six month or more ago you MUST read thisbook . If that change occurred a year or more ago you ABSOLUTELY MUST read this book. The writer claims, correctly I think, to have operated for over 20 years, the first remediation program for abusive men. If your circumstances are as described above you are in an abusive relationship. That may be difficult for you to believe but reading this book will help you understand that you are and why you are. The writer has had over 2000 clients. Fewer than 200 of those clients have ever changed ANY behavior and most quit before completing the program because they didn't want to change. He gives very helpful suggestions about leaving, lists names and addresses of organizations where you can get help, etc. I've read a dozen books about abuse. This is one of the best. What you read may be painful, but not as painful as what you are enduring now. Read it now before it's too late. Good luck!

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