Where There's Smoke There's Cheech & Chong (Anthology) ()


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This double-CD anthology of Cheech & Chong's work properly leans on the albums they did for Ode in the early and mid-'70s, adding a few tracks from their late-'70s/early-'80s stint on Warner Bros. and the 1985 single (and small pop hit) "Born in East L.A." It being a Rhino compilation, you naturally get a few extras, too: the non-LP 1971 Christmas single "Santa Claus and His Old Lady," two commercials for the Up in Smoke film, a concert commercial (with the Tyrone Shoelaces character of "Basketball Jones" fame), and a 1972 ...

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  1. Dave
  2. Blind Melon Chitlin'
  3. Wink Dinkerson
  4. Acapulco Gold Filters
  5. Crusin' With Pedro de Pacas
  6. Trippin' in Court
  7. Santa Claus and His Old Lady
  8. Sister Mary Elephant
  9. Ralph and Herbie
  10. The Continuing Adventures of Pedro de Pacas and Man
  11. Let's Make a Dope Deal
  12. Sargent Stadanko
  13. The Strawberry Revival Festival
  14. Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course
  15. White World of Sports
  16. Basketball Jones
  17. Pedro and Man at the Drive-Inn
  18. Earache My Eye
  19. Championship Wrestling
  20. Wake up America
  21. Black Lassie (A Great American Dog)
  22. Wake up America
  23. (How I Spent My Summer Vacation) Or a Day at the Beach With Pedro ...
  24. The Big Sniff
  25. Pedro's Request
  26. Framed
  27. Up in Smoke
  28. Bloat On
  29. Let's Make a New Dope Deal
  30. Acupuncture
  31. Moe Money/Ralph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  32. Born in East L.A.
  33. Up in Smoke Commercial (I)
  34. Up in Smoke Commercial (II)
  35. Academy of Music/NY Concert Commercial
  36. Old Man in the Park
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