What the Dead Know


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Thirty years ago, two sisters disappeared without trace. Now a woman has turned up, claiming to be one of the missing girls... A woman causes an accident on the Baltimore Beltway, flees the scene and is later picked up wandering on the shoulder of the Interstate. The accident occurs just a mile from the former home of the Bethany family, Dave and Miriam and their daughters Sunny and Heather. Thirty years before, twelve-year-old Heather persuaded her older sister Sunny to let her tag along on a visit to the mall. Neither of ...

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Dec 21, 2007

Kidnapped kids

Lippman is clearly a beginner as far as writing mysteries or crime fiction goes. In a story told by different narrators, a yarn spun round and round, one wonders when the truth will eventually out! When it does, it comes in one foul swoop so that you can?t even imagine tears, anger, frustration, the heat of detectives breathing down necks or anything. The story does, however, manage to fool the reader. Just as you think you?ve solved the kidnapping of two sisters because the surviving one was involved in a car accident many years later, a full confession near the end proves you wrong. The thoughts and emotions of all those involved are given to the reader in the minutest detail to the extent of getting the feel of the post-modern ? words upon words that won?t ever end up somewhere. But they do, in a ?happily ever after? sense, complete with sunset and wine.

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