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This gifted storyteller and Jungian analyst illuminates the psychology of abandonment in childhood, how it affects people in later life, and its curiously special gifts and powers.

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Dec 13, 2009

Warming the Stone Child

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes gives advice and support to the unmothered child in all of us (some of us are more "unmothered" than others -- this audiobook is especially for us).
She teaches through age-old stories, fables and themes found in many cultures throughout the world. She gently explains how there always remains a spark within the most burnt-out life. She explains how the unmothered child is specially equipped with intuition, coping skills and defensive mechanisms which can shape an artistic and intellectual life (as well as drive one into a bad or destructive relationship). In short, she points out the gifts and blessings of the unmothered child, as well as the handicaps.

There are two take-home messages from this tape: parents, please love, shield and care for your offspring and find as many ways as possible to express that love, and 2) no matter how lonely and unsafe the past was, it need not doom the present or future.

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