War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race


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In War Against the Weak, award-winning investigative journalist Edwin Black connects the crimes of the Nazis to a pseudoscientific American movement of the early twentieth century called eugenics. Based on selective breeding of human beings, eugenics began in laboratories on Long Island but ended in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Ultimately, over 60,000 unfit Americans were coercively sterilized, a third of them after Nuremberg declared such practices crimes agains humanity. This is a timely and shocking chronicle ...

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Patricia K

Nov 1, 2014

Eye Opening

For anyone with a need to better understand the roots of the Holocaust, this book will answer many questions. America actually began the Eugenics movement, and is actually at the root of today's Genetics science, in many instances. The zealots who pushed for Eugenics applications in America were responsible for many state laws on miscegenation, race discrimination, anti-Jewish sentiment as well as strong proponents of immigration limits for people of certain countries. In many ways, the fervor of today's politicos pushing for immigration reform mimics those early 20th century beliefs. It is said that unless we know our history, we are doomed to repeat it. This book will open your eyes to the potential for evil many of the things we read about today could bring again. I highly recommend this to anyone whose family immigrated from Europe, as well as anyone who may be concerned with biases against racial and cultural groups today.

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