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Night Watch director Timur Bekmambetov helms his first English-language feature film with this big-screen adaptation of Mark Millar's action-packed graphic novel. Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is a cube-dwelling hypochondriac whose uneventful life has become a mundane blur of terminal boredom. Repeatedly humiliated by his boss and constantly cuckolded by his cheating girlfriend, weakling Wes seems to be living right down to everyone's expectations that he would never amount to anything in life. However, upon discovering that ...


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Oct 9, 2009

Wanted - A Search for Identity

Wanted is interesting story and actors have performed their roles elegantly. Angelina Jolie?s actions are breathtaking and Fox character?s acumen is awesome. The way central characters used to run on the top of train is so thrilling that it incites same feelings within viewers. The movie's plot has been conceived intelligently. The basic idea of movie is to search one's identity and the world to which he or she belongs. It also reveals that personal identity and belongings are important for an individual in order to be satisfied with life. Another correlation is being portrayed on the screen in Wanted between individual's belonging (the world to which his father belonged) and aim of his life. It demands great struggle and different stages to be crossed before reaching to your ultimate destiny.

There is a message delivered through the characters of Fraternity that those minds which are not clear about their aims of life or which are not enlightened are vulnerable to baseless indoctrination. These characters use means to kill few people to save millions for the achievement of peace and tranquility with an aim to serve humanity. But there is a negative aspect to Fraternity?s business and that is that everything is decided rather manipulated by one person who leads the Fraternity. His personal attitude towards love, humanity, evil and vengeance are not to be discussed or discovered within Fraternity. The loyalty towards Fraternity is unquestionable and zero power to challenge purpose of its existence.

Wesley Gibson is proved to be the real savior of individuals working for Fraternity by breaking the norm to explore the truth. But the truth appeared to be so devastating for Fraternity?s workers that Fox opted for death for all of them rather than daring to live with the truth. This action by Fox could be her final act of loyalty towards Fraternity or could be an attempt to remove the Fraternity?s infrastructure or could be an act taken out of guilt or remorse.

Moreover, the style of firing a bullet from gun that hits its target in a curved path appeared to me as the path of life struggle, which is not straight but finds its destination crushing all odds of life in its way. That?s how Gibson learned and travelled his journey towards his final destination, which is his father?s legacy ? the identity that always belonged to him and is free of routine life?s regulations.

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