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A trouble-prone teen navigates a treacherous world of witless gangsters and latex fetish wear in director/screenwriter Robert Cuffley's quirky comic noir. When Alberta (Leelee Sobieski)'s boyfriend is assaulted by thugs, the frightened teen flees to Vancouver in hopes of hiding out at the house of her good friend Celine (Tricia Helfer) - an aspiring dominatrix and wannabe actress currently planning her big move to Los Angeles. While Celine knows that helping out her old friend Alberta can only mean trouble, her kind heart ...


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Mar 28, 2010

Do What She Says!

TITLE: Walk All Over Me
GENRE: Psychological Thriller
CAST: Leelee Sobieski, Tricia Helfer, Jacob Tierney, Michael Ecklund, Michael Adamthwaite and Lothaire Bluteau
PLOT: Trying to earn money, a neophyte dominatrix encounters some criminals searching for a stolen half million dollars. To resolve the conflicts which arise, she has to take advantage of the psychological shortcomings of her opponents.
RETURN ON INVESTMENT: 9 of 10; Those who find the sexual conduct of some adults to be repulsive, will never find merit in the telling of this tale. There is a modern take on sado-masachism and the dependence of some in our free society to feel the sense of subjugation a slave felt in order for that person to appreciate the other aspects of their affluent existence. Sobieski and Helfer are the best teaming of female leads since Thelma and Louise. Their characters' interdependence on each other is marvelously developed as the story builds. The costumes (other than the hard core items) are attractive. The sets are well constructed. The use of lighting to set moods is superbly achieved.
DVD BONUS: Behind the scenes of the making; overdubbing of commentary by the Director (Robert Cuffley) , Sobieski and Helfer; still shots; a deleted scene and commentary about why it was deleted is an excellent insight to the film making process (The editor had to cut 540 minutes of film to 98 minutes and still told the story well); a music video ; and, theatrical trailer.
ADDED NOTES: This is not 'Gone with the Wind' but it informs, amuses, entertains and thrills all at once and for that it is a success.

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