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Wheeler Walker, Jr. does something unexpected on WW III: he grows up. Well, that's not entirely true. Ol' Wheeler still sings about sex and drugs -- mainly about sex, truth be told -- but he's dealing with marriage and a kid throughout WW III. Since he's a randy redneck, this means WW III is filled with ribald tales about his own peculiar obsessions. He shrugs that marriage means that he and his wife are doing nothing but "Anal & the Dishes," but he marvels that he "Still Ain't Sick of Fucking You." Wheeler implores his ...

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  1. Save Some Titty Milk for Me
  2. I Like Smokin' Pot (A Lot)
  3. Even When
  4. Fuck You With the Lights On
  5. I Sucked Another Dick Last Night
  6. Still Ain't Sick of Fucking You
  7. All the Pussy You Will Slay
  8. Anal & the Dishes
  9. Addicted
  10. Rich Sumbitch
  11. Fuckin' It Up
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