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What you get on this release by veteran countertenor Dominique Visse and the Capella de la Torre is something less accessible than what is suggested by the Vinum et Musica title but more accessible than the pedantic subtitle "Songs & dances from Nuremberg sources (15th & 16th century)." The collection of pieces here is a sort of tour of the city of Nuremberg, an important German city in Renaissance times but not one that was home to its own compositional school. Indeed, its influence seems to have been reflected instead in ...

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  1. Fanfare
  2. L'Homme Arm for winds
  3. Fortitudo Dei regnantis 6
  4. Basse Danse Aliot Nouvelle
  5. Hymnus in vitam S. Sebaldi 3
  6. Kaddish (from The Songs of Solomon)
  7. Benedicite almechtiger Got
  8. Ave Maria... virgo serena, motet for 4 parts
  9. Tanz & Nachtanz 6
  10. Se la face ay pale, ballade for 3 voices
  11. Se la phase pale
  12. Ich spring an diesen Ringe (I Dance in This Roundel)
  13. Salve Regina, motet for 5 parts
  14. So trinken wir alle, for 2 shawms, 2 sackbuts and curtal
  15. Passamezzo
  16. Dulces exuviae, motet for 4 voices (Mottetti libro secondo)
  17. Exegi monumentum aere perennius
  18. Fortuna / Nasci, pati, mori, for 5 voices
  19. Vecchie letrose non valete niente, canzone for 4 voices
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