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In these 100 poems Wislawa Szymborska portrays a world of astonishing diversity and richness, in which nature is wise and prodigal and fate unpredictable, if not mischievous. With acute irony tempered by a generous curiosity, she documents life's improbability as well as its transient beauty. The ruins of Troy; sunlight gleaming on a pewter jug; birds returning in the spring; the Abominable Snowman lurking in the Himalayas; a body-building contest; a symphony; a macabre laboratory experiment with a decapitated dog; a ...

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Apr 5, 2007


A book I've read in Italian... and yet, so various and colorful are the images in Szymborska's poetry that, whatever language it might be translated into, its impressive power would by no means get lost in translation. Recommended for those who enjoy the breath-taking spectacle of this everchanging world.

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