Victoria's Daughters


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Charting the lives of Queen Victoria's five daughters, this book closely examines a generation of royal women who were dominated by their mother and married off as much for political considerations as for love. Vicky, Alice, Helena, Louise, and Beatrice would come to share many of the social restrictions and familial machinations borne by nineteenth-century women of far less-exulted class, before finally being passed over entirely with the accession of their brother Bertie to the throne. Principally researched at the houses ...

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Jan 5, 2017

Victoria's Daughters

If you are a history buff or a genealogist, this is a great book! This one family and their many branches have been important throughout history.

Marilynne B

Oct 3, 2013

Victoria's Daughters

I have not read this book yet. I wanted it for a reference. MJB


Apr 26, 2012

An excellent account of the ways in which the daughters of Queen Victoria were married into the Crowned Heads of Europe prior to the First World War.


Jul 6, 2007

More than cages

It really can't have been much fun being a nineteenth century Royal. But these people in cages can certainly be fun to read about. You can squirm at the stifling ceremonial, groan over the marriages labeled "Trouble" before they start, and wonder why such tragedies as WWI hang on the trivia of royal entanglements. But under all the intrigue and nonsense you find real people with real heartbreaks, ambitions, frustrated intelligences and simple or complicated enjoyments. Each of Victoria's daughters is a person worth thinking about and making vicarious friends with. Their lives must often have been boring but one is not bored in reading about what it was like to be the people they were and to reach out to them a friendly hand and heart. History is people, after all.


Apr 26, 2007


Victoria's Daughters is a well-written, well-documented account of the upbringing, lives, and deaths of the daughters of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. A fascinating reading experience, though it frequently left me with the futile desire throttle the famed monarch (and occasionally, the daughters, as well!) A bit like looking through the historical keyhole--a guilty but harmless pleasure , and certainly an eye-opener on Victorian sensibilities, as well as the various forces that led to the tragedies of the Romanov assassinations, and the disturbing circumstances that shaped Kaiser Wilhelm (Victoria's grandson) and ultimately led to World War I.

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