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The "USA Today" bestselling author of "Emergency Deep" returns with the second title of his techno-thriller series featuring submarine commander Peter Vornado--a novel of the silent war on terror being waged under the sea. Original.

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Jan 5, 2008

Soap Opera

As usual, DiMercurio has a great premise for a book. It has great sub vs. sub action.
The weakness is in keeping the characters real. Is it really believable to have Dillinger, who can captain a multi-million dollar submarine, be so clueless as to not see that his pregnant wife is wasting away from a life-threatening illness?
And of course, Peter Vornado's marriage ends because of the affair he had in his last book, because he talked about her in his sleep.
Oh, and I'm sure, in the next book, Peter's ex-wife, Rachel will get together with Dillinger. A regular soap opera!
The author was in the process of losing his wife to divorce when this book was written. It is evident that he misses her by the explicit sexual encounter described in a whole chapter of the book.
Lastly, I found the descriptions of torture of the kidnapped wives and children of the French sub crew very disturbing, almost unreadable. I didn't really enjoy the overall feel of this book.

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