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After a three-year break that included solo projects and soundtrack work, Korn's re-emergence in the summer of 2002 was met with great anticipation. They delivered Untouchables, an album that shows them building on their previous sound and emphasizing its strengths. The use of melody is more important than ever, allowing Jonathan Davis to utilize his wide palette of vocal tricks. His charismatic voice can now move from a clear-throated wail to a death metal growl with ease, lending the album a manic side that brings to mind ...

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  1. Here to Stay]
  2. Make Believe]
  3. Blame]
  4. Hollow Life]
  5. Bottled Up Inside]
  6. Thoughtless]
  7. Hating]
  8. One More Time]
  9. Alone I Break]
  10. Embrace]
  11. Beat It Upright]
  12. Wake Up Hate]
  13. I'm Hiding]
  14. No One's There]
  15. Here to Stay]
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