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The Nobody's Fool (1994) team of Paul Newman, director Robert Benton, and scripter Richard Russo reassembled for this L.A. detective drama, beginning with a Puerto Vallarta prologue showing private eye Harry Ross (Newman) accidentally shot by 17-year-old Mel Ames (Reese Witherspoon) during his efforts to get her to return home. Two years later, the broke and divorced Ross lives in a garage apartment on the estate of Mel's parents, his movie-star friends Jack and Catherine Ames (Gene Hackman and Susan Sarandon). The cancer ...

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Sep 19, 2010

Once a Good Guy, Always a Good Guy

Retired policemen abound with past their prime Entertainment big wigs. Well shot angles, lighting, set usage, locations, fair dialogue. some good suspense and who done it posings, subplots, action (yes 80 yr olds can still move around a stage set.) So, the time to sit and appreciate the level of contributions from some of Hollywood's better ployers of the trade is worth it.
Clint Howard is in this! We see his face for all of 1 second and it must be him (because he's cast credited) that utters the line "Watch the walls" while wheeling a gurney. M. Emmet Walsh has a very suspenseful role, but catch it quick, it doesn't last long.

The DVD I watched had no special features worth noting. Of note is, as said above, the gathering of Newman, Hackman, Garner, Walsh, Sarandon Witherspoon and even Clint H together is a reason for enjoyment.

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