Through Waters Deep


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In 1941 as America teeters on the brink of World War II, Mary Stirling and Ensign Jim Avery work together to expose a saboteur. Will the dangers they encounter draw them together or tear them apart?

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Apr 1, 2016

Enjoyable to read!

Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin is the first book in the Waves of Freedom series. Mary Stirling works as a secretary at the Boston Navy Yard in 1941. She has been working there for the last four years after moving away from her hometown of Vermilion, Ohio. Mary has just finished setting up for the launch of a new ship when she spots Jim Avery. Jim is from Vermilion (they grew up together). Mary liked Jim in high school, but Jim was infatuated with Mary's best friend, Quintessa Beaumont (who was dating someone else). They start talking while they watch the launch ceremonies. After the champagne bottle is stroke against the ship, there is a commotion. Someone had changed out the champagne for gasoline (sabotage). This gets Mary excited. She loves mysteries and this gives her an opportunity to investigate a real crime. Mary and Jim start spending time together along with his friend, Arch and his girlfriend. They share a kiss just before Jim is shipped out on the destroyer Atwood. While Jim is away, Quintessa moves to town with the intentions of dating Jim (poor Mary). On the Atwood more sabotage is discovered. What is going on? Mary is determined to find out. To find out who is behind the sabotage and what happens to Jim and Mary, you will have to read Through Waters Deep.

Through Waters Deep was a good story. I was drawn in immediately. The book is a little predictable (the romance especially), but the novel is well-written. I enjoyed the characters and could relate to them (especially Mary). I liked that the book contained a mystery. We get to follow Mary through her investigation into the sabotage. I give Through Waters Deep 4 out of 5 stars. The next book in the series will tell the story of Jim's friend, Arch Vandenberg (Anchor in the Storm April).

I received a complimentary copy of Through Waters Deep from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

J. Augustine

Aug 22, 2015

Love Sarah Sundin's latest!

Sarah Sundin is one of the best WWII fiction authors out there. I've really come to enjoy her books and so I have looked forward to the release of Through Waters Deep. The book lived up to and exceeded expectations as her books always do. I loved the addition of suspense with the sabotage angle.

Sarah Sundin has a way of painting pictures with words. The reader is transported into the pre-war atmosphere, and I felt like I was right there walking the streets of Boston and the decks of the Atwood.
I actually learned quite a bit while reading this book. I had never heard the terms 'isolationist' and 'interventionist' nor had I ever really thought about how intentionally blind to the impending war that many Americans were. Sarah Sundin successfully and subtly blended a little history lesson into this very entertaining story.

I really liked how Mary and Jim didn't always have it all together. Past mistakes continue to influence them, in Jim's not wanting to make waves and Mary's fear of calling attention to herself. But dangerous situations don't exactly allow for that, both will have to take action in ways that will take them far out of their comfort zones.

Through Waters Deep has one of the loveliest covers. It really matches the uncertainty and drama of the story and leads the mind back to days gone by. The red dress was a nice touch as readers will recognize the nod to Mary's blossoming and tentative choosing of the bright color.

Historical fiction and WWII fiction fans are in for a real treat in Through Waters Deep, a story that is not to be missed!

(I received a copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.)

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