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Considering the esoteric materials that make up Moloko's unusual sound (trip-hop, funk, drum'n'bass, and a decidedly bizarro pop ethic), the group's music is surprisingly coherent and accessible. Things to Make and Do, the English duo's third full-length platter, is as strong as anything else they've done -- Roisin Murphy's singing style, which combines a wild variety of voices and textures, from impassively chilly to gorgeously lilting to gleefully offbeat, is instantly recognizable and endearing throughout, while Mark ...

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  1. Radio Moscow
  2. Pure Pleasure Seeker
  3. Absent Minded Friends
  4. Indigo
  5. Being Is Bewildering
  6. Remain the Same
  7. A Drop in the Ocean
  8. Dumb Inc.
  9. The Time Is Now
  10. Mother
  11. It's Your Problem
  12. It's Nothing
  13. Bingo Massacre
  14. Somebody Somewhere
  15. Just You and Me Dancing
  16. If You Have a Cross to Bear You May As Well Use It As a Crutch
  17. Keep Stepping
  18. Sing It Back
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