Thief of Time


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In Discworld, Time is a resource managed by the highly capable Monks of History. Ironically, the construction of the world's first truly accurate clock threatens to stop Time altogether--and then all the trouble will really begin. (May)

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Apr 9, 2008

Great Satire

If you have never read Terry Pratchett this may be a heavy book to start with. The plot is more complex and slightly more fragmented than many of his books. But if Pratchett's books have a frequent appearnce on your book list, this story will settle in like a favorite pair of shoes.

Pratchett is a master of satire, and this book is no exception. The everyday folly of our world is brought to life through the experience of a time monk, Death's grandaughter, and Time's son. There are so many cultural references in the book that you will probably have to read it again to catch them all. I enjoyed this story, and near the end felt it was one of his better compositions. However, it did take more time for the story to engage me as a reader than I am used to with Pratchett books. Stick through the first few chapters, though, and you will not be dissapointed.

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