Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage


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Revison of: Milady's theory and practice of therapuetic massage. 3rd ed. 1999.

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Aug 24, 2018

Missing or missnamed defintions

While this edition was helpful on certain topics I personally found it often did not include information asked for in the companion workbook or had that information under a completely different heading. I should not have to seach the internet for a simple definition such as structural deviation; a term that is nither in the index with structual alignment, intergation and structural muscular balancing or in your glossary. Please have your author and editor add a section on this topic and list it with the afore mentioned and a simple difinition in your glossary. Thank you.


Oct 31, 2013

This book is excellent. I would recommend this book to anyone that is in the business of massage or in school for being a massage therapist. Thanks for such a wonderful book. I gave the seller a 5 star rating because everything was satisfactory.

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