The claiming of Sleeping Beauty


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When Sleeping Beauty awakes at the Prince's kiss, it is the beginning of this story, not the end. Once the prisoner of a spell, locked in the sleep of innocence, she is now the prisoner of sensual love, held fast by the magic of desire. She becomes the slave of the Prince's passions.

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Dec 20, 2007

Great expectations

I was anxious to read this book. itīs no news that the traditional "Sleeping Beauty" tale is a metaphor for a young womanīs sexual awakening. I was fascinated that an author like Anne Rice worked on this myth. However, after a few compelling chapters - just when the relationship between Beauty and the Prince was starting to grow deeper, with the "breaking" of the Princess into a real woman - trough destroying the spell of prudish phantoms - situations start to repeat time after time, without a climax. What begins as an arousing fairy tale, recommended to those who need to shed innibitions by catharsic means - ends up as boring pile of exageration and BDSM extravaganza. I expected better.

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