The Words of Jesus: A Gospel of the Sayings of Our Lord


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Sheds new light on the words of Jesus as recorded in the four gospels of the New Testament, and includes thoughtful reflections on Christ's teachings and their meaning in terms of a personal journey of spirituality and faith.

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Warne R

Sep 16, 2010

Words Of Jesus

I was looking forward to reading Phyllis Tickle as she had been quoted by a favorite author of mine (Ken Wilson, Jesus Brand Spirituality).

I found her over 50 page introduction interesting, but the book itself was nothing more than copying the words of Jesus from the bible. She wrote another book of prayers which was just psalms copied.

I think she is probably a devout Christian, but not a great author. I was disappointed.


Apr 23, 2008

Phyllis Tickle: The Words of Jesus

The Words of Jesus: a Gospel of the Sayings of Our Lord [San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2008]

This book is well-written, with an engaging style, accessible to anyone who wishes to grapple with the prime document of Christian teaching. A great book either for private or group study.

Tickle critiques both well-known ways to knowing the Scriptures ? literal and metaphorical ? and explains a third way ? actualness, which relies on ?hearing? rather than imaging Scripture. ?There is interior to Scripture a holiness that is subject neither to literalness not to metaphorical translation, but rather is the irreducible, ineluctable cohesion of it.? (p.38)

She posits the possibility that the heart has receptive and cognitive functions, similar to but not the same as these functions of the brain. One hears the actualness of Scripture through the discernment of the heart.

When the reader begins the prayerful work of reflecting on the Sayings, this must be done with care. ?Narrative in form, the Bible?s messages are packaged in the cushioning of verbal surrounds. Not so the Sayings. Lacking almost all of that protective pacing, the Sayings often exhibit the sleek starkness of a stiletto seeking a target?..those who enter would do well, therefore, to enter only one ? rarely more than two ? Sayings at a time.? (p.55)

Beyond the introduction, the volume divides the sayings of Jesus into five sections: Words of Public Teaching; of Private Instruction; of Healing Dialogue; of Intimate Conversation; of Post-Resurrection Encounters.

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