The Wind in the Willows


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"There's nothing--absolutely nothing--half so much worth doing as messing about in boats." One of the all-time great animal stories. Kenneth Grahame's classic children's book has delighted generations. The Wild Wood seems a terrifying place to Mole, until he finds it's full of friends - Kind, sleepy Badger; brave and lively Ratty; and the irresponsible Mr Toad, famous for his wealth and his car smashes. But there are also the sinister weasels and stoats, and they capture Toad Hall when Mr Toad is in jail. How will he ...

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Jan 22, 2016

great book for aging children timely arrival very happy

Michael F

Dec 9, 2015

Book arrived as ordered

Book arrived promptly and in good order, as described.


Oct 4, 2014

A charming piece of literature

'The Wind in the Willows'... ah! A perfectly lovely read that families should be enjoying by their fireside. The animals in the story will become your closest friends. What a joy to watch their antics unfold! Especially Toad... poor, misguided Toad.

The one thing I could have done without? There was a certain word that the author used on several occasions throughout the story. I was quite shocked to find it in a children's book, but, oh well.

To Ratty and Moley: I do hope you'll both visit me again sometime. If only I could visit the River Thames...


Nov 29, 2012

A brilliant classic

We have enjoyed this book for decades, having read it every year to our kids, and we hope the next generation will love it as much. We quote from it frequently, and still think of our youngest son as a Mr. Toad, though he has vastly improved in most ways. My husband is Mr. Badger, and I am a combination of Ratty, Mole, and Otter. "Hang spring cleaning!" Oh, bother, someone has to pick up this mess. Linda Owens


Oct 13, 2011

Another gem

My daughter has a library of WIND IN THE WILLOWS, which she began accidentally and then when we became aware, pursued with a bit of intelligence. This particular book, although not rare, is lovely. The store got me the book efficiently and in good order. I recommend this store and this book.
Rev. RWA

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